An Infographic to Help You Understand Depression

An Infographic to Help You (and Others) Understand Depression

Depression is a serious issue that affects a surprisingly large section of society. In fact, there are more people suffering from depression than alcohol and drug abuse disorders combined.

Until recently there was a lack of proper understanding and knowledge about depression. This has improved in recent years because of a greater awareness of mental health in general.

Although things are a lot better now, people who suffer from depression often feel alone and helpless. But they’re not alone, because millions of people in the world struggle with this illness every day.

It’s important to understand depression. But not just by sufferers and their loved ones. It’s important that society as a whole has a better understanding of this insidious illness.

Education is the first step. To reach the most people, it’s important that educational material is both easy to understand and easy to disseminate.

The infographic below is ideal in both respects. It will help people understand the different types of depression. It also explains their possible causes and symptoms.

Most importantly, it includes suggestions on how to cope with depression.

So, without further ado . . .

Understanding Depression

Okay, I’ve just shared this great infographic with you. I hope you found it as useful, educational and thought-provoking as I did.

It’s a great way to convey to others just how you feel. Show it to your loved ones. It will give them some insight into what your struggle with depression is really like.

Go ahead and share this infographic with your family and friends . . .

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